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Tips when viewing properties with your Real Estate Agent

So you've interviewed your agent and found some properties you love. Great! Here's some tips to make sure you get the most out of your time.

1) Footwear

Wear shoes that are easy to get on and off. If you'r seeing multiple houses in a day, this little tip will make your day so much less frustrating. Slip ons are ideal, but really anything that doesn't require you to sit down and tie them up is best. Not all homes will have stairs or a seat in the entry way for you to use, some may even be vacant. Also, wear socks, or at least have some handy to slip on your feet. The last thing you want is to step on a mystery sticky spot with your barefeet (gross).

2) Measure, measure, measure

If you have large or bulky items that you'll be bringing with you on your move, make sure you know the dimensions of them, and bring a measuring device to ensure the item will fit. It's so much easier to do this on the first showing, and be able to rule out a property immediately if the dimensions of a room don't suit your needs. This will save your time ( and your agents, and the homeowners) on potentially having to see the property a second time.

3) Bring a list

Make a 'must-have' list. List all of the items you 'must' have in your new home. ie: Upstairs laundry, 4 bedrooms, walk out basement, 3 car garage etc. Write in the address of each of the homes you're seeing, and check off the items the home has. Also, make notes on things you loved, and didn't love about each property. This can be done as soon as you leave the home, and doesn't take more than 2 minutes per home. When you're seeing multiple homes in a day, sometimes they start to blend together and it's hard to remember which one had the great kitchen AND the upstairs laundry. Your real estate agent is seeing just as many homes with you, and is likely also seeing more homes with other clients, so you cannot depend on them to remember the small details on your 'must have' list.

4) See past the wall colour and furniture

It's easy to get caught up in peoples decor choices, and not feel comfortable in a home because of the style of couches, paint colour etc. Try to see the home for what it is. The floors, Kitchen cabinets, ceiling, windows, lights etc. changing the interior colour with a few coats of paint is the easiest way to update the interior of a home, and (unless you make a deal to buy it) the furniture will not be staying.

5) Use the washroom ahead of time, or wait until you leave

This one is common courtesy. Would you want strangers coming into your home to use the washroom? Probably not. Also - homes that have been vacant for a while can have the water shut off... and sometimes you don't know this little fact until you go to flush... and there's no flush. Please don't put your agent in the awkward situation of having to explain this to the listing agent.

Looking to buy or Sell real estate in the Greater Edmonton Area? I'd love to hear from you!

Camille Elliott, REALTOR, Exp Realty (780) 803-4663

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