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Why is my house not selling?

There could be several reasons why your home is not selling. Some common factors include pricing, presentation, location, and marketing.

1) It's possible that the price is too high for the current market

As a real estate agent, when listing your home for sale, a big part of our job is strategic pricing. Things real estate agents take into consideration when strategically pricing a home? the current market, interest rates, time of year, economy, and comparable sales in the area.

2) the property is not being showcased in the best possible way.

While professional photography can go a long way to draw potential buyers into the home, having the home updated, clean and staged is how you'll keep their interest once they're inside the home. This means going over home maintenance items, and cleaning /organizing those areas that aren't generally photographed (yes - I know about your linen closet and under the kitchen sink). If your home is dirty, or appears not well cared for, these are often red-flags for buyers - especially in high priced luxury homes.

3) The location of the home .

We've all heard it. Location, location, location. Unfortunately this one isn't an easy fix. If you're in a non-desirable area, or on a busy city street, you and your agent are going to have to work extra hard to get top dollar for your home. Make sure your exterior stands out (in a good way). a well cared for yard and garden, along with clean driveway and freshly painted home can go a long way for curb appeal. Make sure you're agent knows your area well in these circumstances. There are good things to market in most neighbourhoods - you sometimes just need to look a little closer and research the area.

4) the marketing strategy

It may need to be revised to reach more potential buyers. Ask your agent what they're doing to market your home. in a buyers market especially, an effective marketing strategy is crucial to having your home stand out amongst the rest. While social media has it's place, simply posting the home on an instagram or Facebook page is often not enough. Targeted marketing (and knowing who and how to target) is key.

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